From: Rich

One of my employees, Larry, was suffering from sever headaches. He went to the doctor and they did a series of tests including a CAT scan to check for a tumor. They finally diagnosed that he had blockages in his carotid arteries. The doctor surmised that smoking for many years had contributed to his problem, so Larry quit smoking. I had read an article in Science News which extolled the virtues of CLA. I showed it to Larry and he started taking CLA from The Life Extension Foundation in addition to stopping smoking. The anecdotal evidence is that the frequency and severity of his headaches have lessoned considerably. I would surmise that the CLA has removed or at least slowed the build up of plaque in his arteries which has allowed an increase in the blood flow to his brain, thus lessoning his symptoms. The Science News article also mentions that CLA helps reduce the propensity of fat cell to get fatter and may also has anti-cancer properties.