Darrell’s Story

From: Catherine

My name is Catherine and I am writing about something that happened to my husband, Darrell. Darrell became depressed, agitated and anxious as 2000 was winding down but the symptoms did not become obvious till January of 2001.

That month we flew from our home in Colorado Springs to California to attend the wedding of a friend. We stayed in Redwood City at my Godparent’s house for a night or so, and one night I awoke to what I thought was an earthquake, when in actuality, it was Darrell vibrating, and shaking in the bed. I thought perhaps he was having a seizure, but he was conscious, and was able to talk. His arms and legs were flopping around. I asked him what was going on and he said he did not know. Not long before this incident, his doctor gave him some Trazadone to help him sleep, so we suspected a reaction to that medication.

All this began when Darrell was 49. He had recently received his Master’s degree, but was unable to find employment in his chosen field. So there may have been a little distress over his employment situation and maybe a little mid-life crisis. But this problem was much bigger than these issues.

Over the ensuing months, it became apparent that Darrell was extremely depressed and anxious. He had suicidal thoughts and was extremely agitated. He consulted the family doctor, four different psychiatrists, a psychologist, a chiropractor, a nutritionist, an acupuncturist, a couple of Reverends, and a Syntonic Optometrist in Denver. He even checked himself into a psychiatric hospital called Cedar Springs in Colorado Springs for a weekend. At all times he was on four pharmaceutical drugs: an anti-depressant, an anti-psychotic, an anti-anxiety medication and a sleep med. The doctors rotated drugs in these various categories, trying to find something that worked. Darrell would get out of bed at 3 AM and would wander the streets, he was so anxious that sleep was difficult. He began to snore loudly when the drugs knocked him out. I eventually put a recorder on his chest and recorded about 15 minutes of his snoring. He was terribly embarrassed when I played it back for him. He underwent a sleep test and they prescribed a C-pap device to be worn at night.

He had diarrhea and was losing weight. He got so slim he was able to wear my slacks and we even had to buy new, smaller sized underwear for him. He had a colonoscopy to determine why he was having diarrhea, and all they said was he had a spastic colon.

Darrell’s body began to smell, and his bath towel emitted a stink I could smell from halfway up our staircase, his bathroom being at the head of the staircase.

The Syntonic Optometrist realized that Darrell only modestly improved with his therapy. He suggested we take Darrell to a Medical Intuitive in nearby Castlerock. When we got appointments with this intuitive, Linda Dean, the very first thing she said to me was “When was your husband poisoned?” When Darrell went in to her treatment room she said the same thing, “When were you poisoned?” Neither of us knew what she was talking about, but with Darrell, she followed the first question with another, “Did you ever work with chemicals?” To his affirmative reply, she said, that’s what’s causing your problem.

Darrell HAD worked with chemicals half a lifetime earlier, when he was about 24, during a summer job when he was in college. He worked with dry chemicals for a company whose name he has forgotten, in Illinois. For this work, he wore ordinary street clothing, and bagged up dry chemicals and stitched the bags closed. The workers had goggles, breathing masks and gloves, but no protective suits or respirators. At the end of the workday, they removed the goggles, gloves, masks and clothing, and got into hot showers to clean up. I imagine the hot water opened their pores and the dusty dry chemicals dissolved and washed down their bodies from their hair to their toes. Darrell recalls that after showering, the fellows would go out for drinks and laugh about the look of mascara on their eyelashes, since the chemicals piled up there, looking like makeup. Since this was only a summer job, this exposure could not have been for more than three months.

Once the medical intuitive brought this to our attention, we knew what we had to do. Darrell weaned off the medications. He did some Ionic Foot bath treatments. We were already eating 75-80% organically. We purchased a Far Infrared Sauna. Darrell used the sauna at 104° for 38 minutes daily for 60 days. During that time, he broke out in two distinct rashes. On his torso, he had red bumps, like the measles. On his arms he had “U” shaped, scaly rashes that all faced the same direction… open ends toward his hands. At the end of the two months of using the sauna, Darrell bottomed out and then rose up to a normal disposition within about a week. He is completely cured. That’s not to say that he doesn’t fret about personal problems, but he no longer has diarrhea, has gained plenty of weight back, no longer snores like a freight train, has resumed working, has good self-esteem, and by all appearances, is completely cured of his depression, anxiety, agitation and suicidal ideation. We gave the C-pap to a friend who needed this device.

My conclusion is that the toxins stored in Darrell’s body must have reached the threshold we commonly refer to as “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” Perhaps midlife body changes, or exposures to toxins, like the pharmaceuticals tipped a delicate balance and plunged him into the abyss. I surmise that few people consider that depression could be caused by toxicity, but in this case, detoxifying was a miraculous treatment that brought about a cure.

I hope this story is helpful to others. If anyone would like to contact me for support or clarification, please feel free to do so via the owners of this website.

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