Enlarged Prostate

From: Rich

My brother in law had an enlarged prostate which sadly required him to have a catheter inserted for 54 days because he could not urinate. He also had edema in his legs which required that he wear nylon pressure stockings. He was within days of having microwave treatment to reduce the size of his prostate. I had tried to tell him about the Life Extension Foundation before, but I think he was finally ready to try almost anything. He started taking natural prostate and venotone as I suggested with miraculous results. It wasn’t very long before his catheter was removed and he could urinate. He also saw a reduction in the swelling in his legs and does not need to wear the stocking anymore. He still has residual discoloration in his legs because they were so bad.

Something very interesting happened when he went to North Carolina on vacation. He ran out of the LEF natural prostate. He bought a substitute prostate formula from a local health food store. His symptoms began to return and by the time he got back to Florida he vowed to always keep an ample supply on hand so he would never run out again. I should add the anecdotal evidence that after going back to the LEF product his prostate problems went away again.

LEF has an article saying that their chemical analysis of other supplements have shown that some do not contain what the label says they contain. My brother in law’s experience would seem to be anecdotal evidence in support of that claim.