Beth’s Story

From: Rich

It was around 1989 and my wife and I were going from Mt. Dora, FL to Orlando on a day trip. We passed a state truck that was driving and spraying what I think was a herbicide on the side of 441. We stopped at a business in Orlando and she waited for me in the car. When I returned she complained of a noxious smell from an adjacent business. We also stopped at a fast food drive through where she ate a chicken sandwich that the kids thought tasted funny. In retrospect we think it may have been tainted with a pesticide or cleaning product.. In any case she became violently ill and we went to the emergency room, but we left without any treatment after over an hour of waiting when she felt at least good enough to get home.

As it turned out she was bedridden for over 6 months with a low-grade fever, nausea, intestinal problems, heart palpitations, night sweats, mental confusion, etc. We went to several doctors searching for help, but they were unable to provide any explanations or effective treatment. I truly believe she would have died if her condition had not improved.

One day on my way to work I stopped at the local health food store to get a sandwich. They were busy at the counter so I walked around the store. A bottle on the shelf caught my eye. It was activated charcoal. I bought that bottle and the miracle began. She started taking activated charcoal and gradually her condition began to improve. I think she had a toxin in her body that her liver was unable to breakdown. I believe the activated charcoal drew the toxin from her bloodstream into her intestines and then was excreted from her body.

This is not just conjecture as there is additional anecdotal evidence to support my theory. From time to time our next door neighbors would have their yard sprayed. She had no other evidence than the fact that she would feel her symptoms returning. After this happened we would notice the caution signs in our neighbors yard. There are some hotel rooms that start making her feel bad in a matter of minutes. There is a direct correlation for her because she can lesson or eliminate her symptoms by taking activated charcoal.

I think she was exposed to a chemical that her body was unable to process and it made her highly sensitive to chemicals in her environment. She seems to be sensitive to pesticides, cleaning solvents, formaldehyde, glues, etc. Over the years her sensitivity has lessoned, but the fact remains that she can improve her condition by taking activated charcoal from time to time.

One word of caution would be that using activated charcoal too often might remove necessary compounds from the body. So as always be cautious and consult with a professional.

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